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Apr 17
What is Employee Wellness and Why Does it Matter?

Learn more about Employee Wellness programs and why they can make a difference in both employee retention and your bottom line.

By Varipro
Apr 03
What Are High Deductible Health Plans?

The term "High Deductible Health Plan" might sound daunting, however once you know the basics, you may find it's the right solution for your...

By Varipro
Mar 27
What Is Claims Transparency?

Level funding is a hybrid financial strategy in health benefit planning. Like self-funding, level funding is facilitated with the help of a TPA.

By Varipro
Mar 22
Varipro sponsors WMAHU Symposium

Varipro was proud to be the premier sponsor for the 2017 Annual WMAHU Symposium! The event was held on March 15th at the beautiful Thousand...

By Varipro
Mar 20
What Is Reference-Based Pricing?

Feeling limited in your ability to provide quality healthcare benefits at an affordable price? Reference-based pricing may help!

By Varipro
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