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Oct 30
The Ins and Outs of Health Savings Accounts

What is an HSA? As HDHPs become more and more common, HSAs are becoming a popular tool for employers and employees. Health Savings Accounts coincide...

By Tina Pelland
Oct 23
TPAs — Third Party Administrators are like Snowflakes

What exactly is a TPA? A TPA (Third Party Administrator) is an organization that manages a company’s employee healthcare plan and in some cases...

By Varipro
Oct 02
How do HRAs work?

When choosing to self-fund employee benefits, employers will choose a type of Medical Expense Plan. One of the more popular choices is an HRA...

By Tina Pelland
Sep 12
What can a TPA do for my business?

One of the most common questions we hear at Varipro is, “what does a TPA (Third Party Administrator) offer?”. Being a unique idea in...

By Varipro
Aug 01
Are there benefits of hiring a TPA?

Of course! Third Party Administrators bring a wide range of benefits to the table! One benefit is their level of expertise. TPAs have extensive...

By Varipro
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