You’re smart about benefits. Let’s keep it that way.

Staying on top of health care changes is a daunting task. When you partner with Varipro, we will keep you informed by sharing knowledge and helping you be Smart About Benefits.

Let’s work together to show your clients how they too can be Smart About Benefits, while controlling costs, by partnering with Varipro as their TPA.

Efficient Administration. Competitive Fees. Your clients will be interested in self-funded health care benefit plans because they want control, but cost control is just a start. Your clients also will appreciate Varipro’s accurate, reliable, and consistent information and analysis. And their members? They’ll get their questions handled with fast and friendly local service.

Stay on top of the changing health care landscape by partnering with Varipro. Gain ongoing access to our knowledge and expertise. If your interested in learning more about self-funding and related topics, visit our Educational Resources page.

“Being a non-profit, we have to get the biggest bang for our buck, so we appreciate the reports that Varipro provides. If there is ever something in particular we want to see, we just pick up the phone or email them, and they’ll get us that report; that information that we need.”

Let’s work together to plan and present a custom benefits program to your clients. Together, we can deliver the flexibility, control, and highly personalized customer service your clients are looking for.

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Agent FAQs

Why choose a Third Party Administrator over a packaged health plan service?+

Self-funding represents a variety of benefits to consider –

- Self-funded plans represent a competitive option offering substantial savings for employers.
- Plans can be customized to meet specific company needs.
- Self-funding is regulated on a federal level and often is exempt from state mandates.
- Self-funded administration regulates plan reporting that provide insights and influences strategic decisions of employers.
- Self-funded plans offer a greater sense of financial control for employers.
- As regulations overseeing fully insured health plan requirements evolve, the advantage of customization attributes of self-funded health benefit plans increases.

How much risk is involved with self-funding?+

No one can predict the future when it comes to health and that uncertainty is the risk. Most TPA’s setup what is known as a Stop-Loss insurance policy that protects the employer from unexpected or catastrophic costs.

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