Take control of your benefit planning and administration

Don’t overpay for employee benefits. When you work with Varipro, you get a customized benefit plan that you control. Choose only the coverage and options your organization needs. Let’s work together to analyze membership demographics, utilization, and benefit plan structure so that you can continue making smart benefit choices.

Improve efficiency while ensuring compliance

Let’s work together to select a custom benefits plan that meets your specific needs. Varipro will administer your plan and keep you informed and in compliance every step of the way.

Value the one-on-one personal relationship

You’ll know exactly who to talk to with any questions or concerns. Varipro assigns your account to a dedicated account manager. Get knowledgeable answers and a quick response time from a person you’ll come to know and trust.

Provide employees and retirees with a hassle-free experience

Retirees and employees will appreciate picking up the phone and working with a dedicated Michigan-based representative trained to service your customer concerns. Varipro makes it easy to navigate their healthcare coverage.

“Whenever there have been disputes or questions over compliance, we know they are going to take the request seriously and they are going to validate their answer. They will help us understand or help the client understand the answer.”

Let’s design a custom employee benefits plan that can help you with staff attraction and retention. With Varipro, you can control costs while delivering a comprehensive employee and retiree benefit package.

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