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Discover your patient’s coverage information. Create an account. File an authorization request. Submit claims. Check on your payment status. Have your TIN and NPI ready. Everything you need to manage your relationship with Varipro is online.


Enrollment for EDI claim submission

Submit Claims directly to our clearing house Smart Data Solutions (SDS) by enrolling using the link below

SDS Provider portal login page for existing users:
(enroll and login)

SDS Support email address for SDS clearinghouse/provider portal: (provides support for existing providers and for new providers who’d like to enroll)

View Claim Information

Use the WLT V2 Portal to create and access a secure account that lets you view patient coverage and claim information. Sign in to manage your account.

Go to WLTv2

Expect fast claim payment turnaround and friendly service. Varipro is a TPA (Third Party Administrator) with the look and feel of a fully insured plan. To learn more about benefits, visit our educational resources page. To get provider specific information and service, call 844-732-3415.

How do I sign up for a WLTv2 account? Click Here to read detailed instructions.

If you have an inquiry for the Provider Relations Department or have a W9 form to send to Varipro, please email Do not send claims to this address. Claims should be sent to the address on the back of the members ID card.

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