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Nov 20
HDHP FAQ — Factors to Consider When Choosing a High Deductible Health Plan

A question that we commonly hear at Varipro is “If I want the lowest monthly premium possible I should just select an HDHP?”. So,...

By Tina Pelland
Nov 13
Level Funding Creates a Company Atmosphere of Flexibility

A level-funded healthcare plan gives employers the benefits of a self-funded healthcare system, along with the consistency of a traditional healthcare plan. The significant...

By Varipro
Oct 30
The Ins and Outs of Health Savings Accounts

What is an HSA? As HDHPs become more and more common, HSAs are becoming a popular tool for employers and employees. Health Savings Accounts coincide...

By Tina Pelland
Oct 23
TPAs — Third Party Administrators are like Snowflakes

What exactly is a TPA? A TPA (Third Party Administrator) is an organization that manages a company’s employee healthcare plan and in some cases...

By Tina Pelland
Oct 02
How do HRAs work?

When choosing to self-fund employee benefits, employers will choose a type of Medical Expense Plan. One of the more popular choices is an HRA...

By Tina Pelland
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