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Feb 06
What is Level Funding?

Level funding is a hybrid financial strategy in health benefit planning. Like self-funding, level funding is facilitated with the help of a TPA.

By Varipro
Jan 30
What is a Healthcare TPA?

TPA stands for Third Party Administrator, an organization or individual that handles the claims, processing, and reporting components of a self-funded health benefits plan....

By Varipro
Jan 27
What are Self-Funded Health Benefit Plans?

Self-funded health benefit plans are a health plan strategy where an employer pays member health claims directly to health providers…

By Varipro
Jan 23
What is Stop-Loss Insurance?

What is Stop-Loss Insurance? Stop-loss insurance overage protects against claims that could compromise the company’s financial health at any given time.

By Varipro
Jan 16
Introducing Varipro SmartSheets

We are passionate about sharing knowledge so everyone can be ‘Smart About Benefits’…introducing Varipro Smartsheets, simple explanations of complex health benefit topics.

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