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Jan 28
Employee Medical Benefits: Self-funded vs. Fully Insured

Group medical benefit plans typically fall into one of two categories: self-funded or fully insured. The choice of one over the other should not...

By Varipro
Jan 08
Traditional vs. Self-funded Health Care

In the healthcare industry, one of the most common debates is, “is a traditional or self-funded health care plan better for an organization?”. As...

By Tina Pelland
Dec 04
Engaged Management — Making Self-Insurance Better Than Ever

At Varipro, one aspect of our services that we like to highlight is engaged management. We’ve also learned that engaged management is not always...

By Varipro
Nov 06
Self Insured Medical Plans — Are they worth the risk?

What is self-funded insurance? Self-funded insurance is when employers directly pay for employees health and workplace benefits, rather than buying coverage from an insurance...

By Tina Pelland
Oct 16
Cost Variance — A key tool for self-funded budgeting

What is Cost Variance? Cost variance, in the healthcare industry, is a budgeting term that represents the difference between a budgeted amount and the...

By Tina Pelland
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